Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weekly Futures & FX Positioning Report - June 24, 2017

Euro Ends 2-month Short-covering Trend as Gross Shorts Increase By Nearly 50% ; Aussie Specs Add Very Bullish Position
  Large speculators (non-commercials) in the Aussie (Australian dollar futures) and Euro futures made the most significant moves in the FX market, according to the latest CFTC IMM report through last Tuesday (June 20th).  Euro's 2-month short-covering trend (for large specs) came to an abrupt halt as gross shorts exploded by roughly 50%. The Euro's net long mark had reached levels not seen since October 2013 prior to last week's turnaround. Large speculators in Crude Oil futures continued to add short positions, to near the 300K contract mark once again.  While Oil prices have dipped to fresh 2017 lows, gross short positions and the overall net long position have not reached extremes yet. That said, both have inched closer to levels seen back in  May and previously in 2016, suggesting a temporary low could be near after perhaps the next thrust lower to 40. Both Nasdaq 100 & E-mini S&P futures saw large speculators reduce long exposure, highlighting a significant drop in open interest.


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