Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weekly Futures & FX Positioning Report - June 18, 2017

Euro Specs Largest Net Long Position Since 2013 Amidst Short-Covering Trend ; Treasury Specs Add Big Net Long Position

 Large speculators (non-commercials) in the Loonie (Canadian dollar futures) and Euro futures made the most significant moves in the FX market, according to the latest CFTC IMM report through last Tuesday (June 13th).  Euro gross short positions were trimmed vs the greenback once again, highlighting a 2-month short-covering trend for large specs. The Euro's net long mark reached levels not seen since October 2013. The Loonie, however, was the top performer among major currency pairs, rebounding for the 2nd straight week. Treasury speculators grew net long positions in a big way, adding roughly 60,000 (net) contracts for US 30-year & 10-year futures. Lastly, large speculators in Crude Oil futures grew gross short positions by over 15% ahead of another rough week for the energy complex that saw Oil prices dip over 3% once again. While energy prices are at new 2017 lows, gross short positions are still a distance from the May high and early 2016 levels.


Weekly Futures & FX Positioning Report - August 20, 2017

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